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Thread: How to make an interval and search for values within that interval?

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    How to make an interval and search for values within that interval?

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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm a student working on my thesis. I'm having some trouble figuring out how to analyze some of my data.
    My thesis is about genetic anomalies. The anomalies lie within a interval of basepairs.

    So I have a first column with the starting point of the different anomalies listed vertically. START
    The second column lists the end points the same way. END
    So one row makes up the START and END point of the interval.

    How do I get excel to see these two columns an interval?

    Then I need to compare my intervals with known abnormal intervals in the literature.
    Is there a way to do this?

    Can someone please help me figure out a way?
    Thank you in advance!

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    Good afternoon,

    Can you post an example sheet or at least some data, please?


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    Re: example

    The genes are made up of chromosomes. The numbers indicate the position on the chromosome (the nucleotides).
    The first column is the start position of the genetics anomaly i found in my research. The second column is the end position.
    Column E is the start point of the literature anomaly en column F the endpoint. (I am aware that many of the literature values are shown multiple times, but this is of importance too for my project so I didn't delete them for the example sheet)

    Now I need to compare my results to results already described in the literature to see of any of the findings are exactly the same or overlap in some way.

    So every position in between is of importance too.

    Is there a way to achieve this?

    It would be fine to if i could just make column A and B an interval and search the literature values in that interval...

    Thank you for taking the time to help me!


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