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Thread: Maths problem that needs excel answers

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    Maths problem that needs excel answers

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    This is an excel question, but it's also a general maths question!

    I have a new SLA type to sort out. We are having to deal with data clearance (look at a piece of data, process it and move on to next bit of data). This data needs to be cleared within 30 minutes. So far, so easy.

    However, we have data coming in all the time. We can clear 350 items of data in one hour or 5.83 in one minute. I need to work out how many people I need to make sure that every bit of data that comes in, is cleared within 30 minutes. The data does not come in at a static rate. Some times lots of data comes in and sometimes very little data comes in.

    The easy way, is to ensure I have enough people working on this every hour to clear the volumes at the levels we can clear it and based on the average levels that the data comes in. However, that would exceed the SLA - indicating that we need fewer hours to clear the data.

    So I guess my question is this. If I want to get as close to an SLA of 30 mins as possible, I'm happy to go under a bit but not too much, but I can't go over it, what is the formula I need to apply to the input data levels and the rate at which we can clear the data, to work out how I should schedule people to maintain an SLA or around 30 minutes?

    I'm sure the answer is in excel somewhere, I'm just having trouble getting the logic and therefore to the formula to use.


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    Hi Casi,

    Need to see data in this case, can you upload a sample workbook? Thanks.


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