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Thread: Check boxes llike a website for hotel amenities

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    Check boxes llike a website for hotel amenities

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    Hi, I'm just starting to learn about checkboxes and need your expert help.

    I'm working on an excel program where a person can check as many boxes as he likes and then a list would populate showing every listing that matches his selection. I want the person to be able to select the type of weapon(shotgun, rifle), the type of ammo(12 gauge, 22 gauge), brand name(Federal, those other brands), etc. When the person has checked everything, then anything that matches the weapon and/or ammo type and/or brand name and/or any other option I have, will be listed.

    I would like the person to be able to reset it so another person can go in and do the same thing.

    It would just be like a hotel website where a person selects the amenities they're looking for and only the hotels that have those amenities would be listed.

    If I forgot to explain something clear enough, let me know and I'll try to do a better job.

    Thank you for your help!

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    Good morning,

    I would suggest drop downs rather than check boxes if you want to do this in excel. They get kind of messy and if you don't have a specific update they will all move when you close the file (weird, but incredibly irritating. If you can provide me lists of all the possible outcomes I can probably help. It sounds like many of the choices are dependent on each other (i.e. you wouldn't show 22 gauge shells if you had chosen rifle).

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    Thank you for your suggestion. It's still in the early stages so at this time I don't have all the information yet. You're right that a lot of the choices ARE dependent on each other.

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