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Thread: Trying to create a Timesheet with sums based on dropdown value

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    Question Trying to create a Timesheet with sums based on dropdown value

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    Hi guys,

    I am brand new around here and not terribly experienced in Excel formulas just yet. I am looking for some help on an Excel 2013 spreadsheet I'm using at work as a Time Sheet / Task Time Calculator. In my original version I made Column A start time and Column B end time with each row being a new task Then in Column E, I just do "=A2-B2" as the formula to get the total time of the task on that row. In F2 I add all of the sums in Column E to get a daily total of hours and minutes that were worked on all of the tasks for the day.

    My manager has requested that I add a dropdown for each task row to denote a specific type of task (ex, Support Emails, Support Calls, Meetings, etc), and then display a total for each of the tasks that are entered throughout the day based on the value selected in the dropdown. I was able to add the dropdown list into the spreadsheet with all of the task types I need, but I'm a little lost now when trying to come up with the formulas to sum the totals based on which all the task types. I have attached my original spreadsheet (v2.1) and then the new one (V3.1) which I have begun adding the newly requested functionality.

    Can somebody please take a look and give me a hand? If my description isn't understandable please let me know and I will attempt to explain further. Thanks!
    Daily-Report 2.1.xlsx
    Daily-Report 3.1.xlsx

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    Good afternoon,

    Use the sumifs function. Put this in h6.


    *interpretation :: sum (time spent) if the task = current line's task.

    Hope this helps,

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