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Thread: Fetching Data from Multiple Name Changing Sheets with VlookUp

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    Fetching Data from Multiple Name Changing Sheets with VlookUp

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    Hi team,

    I am trying to fetch a data from the sheet titled:
    Sellerwise Live Listings_20131003.xlsx

    The sheet will change its name next week to :
    Sellerwise Live Listings_20131010.xlsx

    and so on. The vlookup that works is =VLOOKUP(A10,'[Sellerwise Live Listings_20131003.xlsx]Sheet1'!$A:$C,2,FALSE)

    I am looking for a vlookup, so that I dont need to open the excel sheet every week.

    I am trying concatenating. Chk attached picClick image for larger version. 

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    you cant just concatenate you need indirect to build the path/reference BUT that does not work with closed workbooks

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    Ah darn it means I will have to open the other sheet to get values into my current sheet. Ok can you help me with the INDIRECT formula. Now the path looks like:

    =VLOOKUP(A8,'G:\Marketing\Category_Management\Eswar\Daily Live Listings\Sellerwise Live Listings\[Sellerwise Live Listings_20131003.xlsx]Sheet1'!$A:$B,2,FALSE)
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    Ok concatenation successful, but I have heard we can extract data from closed files, check out this post:

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    yes but that needs the morefunc add in which can be a bit hit or miss and uses indirect.ext() not indirect() there is a link in point 4 of that page to download it

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    There is a way to get information from a closed workbook, using an Excel4 Macro. To make it work you need to set up VBA code in your open workbook, that can be run from a button on the worksheet. (The later versions of Excel still allow the use of these Macros).

    Take a look at this thread, particularly post #8:

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