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Thread: HELP! Trying to move data from one worksheet to another with no success

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    HELP! Trying to move data from one worksheet to another with no success

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    Hi. I found this forum through GOOGLE as I've been working for days to try and move data from one worksheet to another within a workbook.

    Essentially, what I'm trying to do is put the serial number fields from sheet 2 into sheet 1 where the style number is a match between the sheets. To complicate matters, there are some styles on sheet 2 that have multiple entries. For those, I've made extra columns in sheet 1. Basically what I want to do is have sheet 1 access sheet 2 to search for a style match. When it does, fill the first serial number column in sheet 1 with the serial number data in sheet 2. Then move to the next style. If the styl number is repeated, I'd need to fill the data in sheet 1's second serial number column. And so on.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    I am attaching a small file sample to this post. C2 in sheet 1 has my crude attempt at this. It doesn't work.


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    Hello chboxer
    Try copying the following formula into Cell C2 of your "Product" worksheet, and then copy this across however many columns and rows you have in the full sheet. It currently handles up to six style duplicates.

    Theres only one proviso:
    The records in your "Serial" sheet must remain in Style code sequence, so that the duplicates appear in adjacent rows.


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