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Thread: Hours worked issue

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    Hours worked issue

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    Hi Everybody,

    I have a job that starts at 4:00PM and runs until about 7:30am the following morning.

    I've managed to set the Start Time in say cell B1 and format it for time. It will indicate 4:00PM and the numeric value is: 0.6667

    The End Time is in cell B2 and also formatted for time. That will indicate 0.3125

    I ought to be able to take and (End Time) - (Start Time) and get a number, -0.3254

    The question I have is "How do I express that result -0.3254 in terms of hours?", and "How would I remove a 30 minute break from that result and still display in terms of hours?"

    Many thanks,


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    I put the Start Time in B2, End Time in B3, and "Minutes of Breaks" in B4. Use the formula below:


    Because of the way the times work, if you work overnight, you'll have to take 1 + your number otherwise you will be shorted. Time is technically Month/Day/Year Hours:Minutes:Seconds in excel. It gave you a negative number because it assumes you worked on 1/0/1900. So you actually worked back in time .

    Hope this helps,

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    Hi jPaulB

    Try the following formula and format the cell as [h]:mm, this will return the value in time.


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    Thank you so much, bgoree09 and Kevin!!

    I had spent so much time messing around with "concepts" and "weird" that I convinced myself that it had to be complicated. I feel like Old Mr. Mazerolle (grade 4 math) is gonna smack the back of mt head.

    Thank you fellows,

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