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Thread: Need week ending date formula

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    Need week ending date formula

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    I am making a spreadsheet of our employees with the job they worked, dates they worked, etc... What I would like to do is when I put in the date they worked, I want another column to automatically put the week ending date. So, say an employee worked 9/17/13 (a Tuesday) - the week ending column would display 9/21/13 (a Saturday) - since our weeks are Sunday thru Saturday. Is this possible?

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    Good answer, to complement a little the explanation, with the WEEKDAY() function you can find the number of the day of the week. It has 2 parameteres:

    The first one is the serial_number, here you choose the cell where is the date.
    The second one is the return_type, is a number:

    For Sunday=1 through Saturday=7 use 1
    For Monday=1 through Sunday=7 use 2
    For Monday=0 through Sunday=6 use 3

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