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Thread: Formula to use?? Index/match/col

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    Question Formula to use?? Index/match/col

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    Hi could anyone help please? I have tried very hard with this without success.

    I need to look up the CurrVal on another worksheet for groups of entries. This value is different for each entry but all the group information is identical except for the 'Subset' number which varies 0 to 5 for each group of the entries eg project 'Ben'.
    I need to scan left and right in another worksheet to look up this CurrValue but the lines concerned use the same reference number, but with a different Subset number. How to look up CurrValue with a condition, so that this subset number is taken into account, otherwise returns the same value for all 3 lines??

    Example beow of data to be filled
    I tried =INDEX('Index and Match'!A2:M4,1,13) where column 13 contained the CurrValue on the other spreadsheet on Line 1. There are many other columns on the other worksheet, not in the same order as the example below so need to scan both directions. It worked to pull it down to start but the remainder of the worksheet isn't in the exact order as the table hoping to lookup the CurrValue. You will see that the referenece numbers for each project eg 'Ben' 'Ade' are identical except the SubSet number, but the CurrValue for each row will be different. Thanks for your patience!
    Asset Set SubSet AcquisitonNumber CurrValue
    Ben 2000 (Zero) 111700
    Ben 2000 5 111700
    Ade 2004 1 345789
    Ben 2000 2 111700

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    Good morning,

    Do you have a sample spreadsheet?


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