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Thread: difficulty with existing code to copy lines to other sheets

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    difficulty with existing code to copy lines to other sheets

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    this is a spreadsheet that I made to track sales leads. and assign them to different CSRs. I was able to get a code that will separate each row of information to a separate sheet when I click the run button. It works almost perfectly.
    Unfortunately, when I click run, I get 3 new sheets named for the CSR; Caleigh and Bob work perfectly, but Jenny has leads for multiple CSRs, and the original Lead sheet, (which is meant to be the master list that always contains everything) is no longer complete.
    My intent is to update this list daily with both new leads and new information (such as action taken.) I would like all entries to be on the main lead sheet and updated to the other sheets when I click run each time. I would create a new blank workbook for each month.
    I have very little experience with VBA and would totally appreciate any help that I can get!
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    Good afternoon,

    The attached file does not use a macro, but rather formulas. I think this will suit your needs.

    Best of luck,
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    thank you so much!
    This is much better than a macro, (I believe I have a chance of understanding it!) I really appreciate your help!

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    Great to hear! Basically, I numbered the lines for each CSR and then made a page for each of them. The match portion retrieves the name of the tab and concatenates it with the row number (-1 for the headers). Then index pulls the various columns.

    Have a good day,

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    thank you again. I am having a very good day thanks to you, and what's more, I have learned a lot which will help me in the future. I'm very grateful!

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    Excellent . Any time.

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