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Thread: How to do a vlookup with multiple results and provide them with no duplicates

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    How to do a vlookup with multiple results and provide them with no duplicates

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    Hey guys, so hoping some of you will understand the model I'm trying to set up so you can help! Basically I have a list of names that correspond to a job they can do. There could be multiple people/names that can all do job 'x' and names that can all do job 'y' etc. In the fields id like to populate, I have repeat job roles 'x' and 'y' etc. What formula would work best to assign people to roles without repeating an individual's name. I can't have the same person in two spots.

    I've attached what I have so far... all i can get is a vlookup that will match a person to a role, however it will put the same person in the next time that role comes up and not skip to the next person on the list who can do the job.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Good morning,

    I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but it may help. With this logic, the same people would be scheduled for the same job in the same spot every day. It's probably possible to incorporate some randomness, but I'd have to research that (or someone more intelligent could help ).

    Good luck,
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    bgoree09, dont sell yourself short that was well done, exactly what I wanted thank you! I spent hours on it literally lol. Thanks again.

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    Great to hear! Glad to help. You're very welcome.

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