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Thread: Data Validation Formula

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    Data Validation Formula

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    I have values in cells A1 & A2 with a forumla in cell A3 that gives the differece of the two (A1-A2). I'm trying to get the data validation tool to pop up a message if the sum in cell A3 falls below 600,000. Can someone please help? It sounds so easy, but I'm missing somthing in my formula! Thanks kindly.

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    The Data Validation is used to allow or not a data input in a Cell. It is only used when you type some data in a cell.

    If you want to get a kind of message or an alert (maybe a color change in the cell) you can use Conditional Formatting.

    In the newest versions of Excel you can also use an Icon set that allows you to use some figures to have an alert.

    Another thing that you can do is to put in another cell an IF function. Maybe like that:


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