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Thread: GETPIVOTDATA Function

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    Hi, am new to excel. I have a data sheet which has data as per exp heads, locations, (Quarter, Plan and Year- Q1 OP13) wise. I had built a pivot as per Exp heads and facilities and Plan wise, i need to extract only a few of the expense heads numbers as per facility on a different sheet. I tried using GETPIVOTDATA() FUNCTION, bt i guess am using a wrong syntax. Am attaching a example which does nt have all the expense and locations. I would need the data only fr a few expense heads from the pivot using getpivot function. Can someone help.
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    Excel 2010 Tables, PivotTables
    Your data is not in a PivotTable friendly format.
    It needs to be un-pivoted (Google it) or de-normalized (Google it)
    This is a rather advanced procedure and probably out of your reach.
    I looks like your data is processed data from a database.
    Not a good starting point.
    Show us the original database.

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    Hey, i made a few changes on the pivot, trying to extract all the locations data as per the expense heads on Sheet 2 using the Getpivotdata function. I will not be able to include all the expense heads as that would increase the size of the file. The expense heads which you see in the attachment like Benefits, Commission and Salary are part of my report. Please find the updated pivot table. If anyone can assist, thanks.
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