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Thread: Insert cut row in protected range of rows

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    Insert cut row in protected range of rows

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    I need help.

    I need a VBA code for a worksheet to automatically insert cut paste a row from a range of unprotected rows to the range of protected rows once the user decides to do so.

    I have a sheet called “Customer Stock” which has two tables called “Uncollected” and “Collected”.

    I need “Uncollected” table to be unprotected and “Collected” Table to be protected.

    Once the a Customer collects the goods, the user can cut and insert the collected row from the unprotected “uncollected” table to just above the first row of the protected “collected” table.

    so that the inserted cut row now should be protected.

    The password should be 1234 and the user won’t know the password. Only the administrator will be having it.
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