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Thread: Greetings! I'm a newbie here!

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    Greetings! I'm a newbie here!

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    Greetings excel experts! I'm a newbie here! A quick introduction for myself. I'm an accountant working for 3 years now. You may know how high the volume of data we gather and collate for our reports. And I want to make my work easier/efficient. Already done a lot of improvements through useful functions of excel but I think there is more of it when I go macro. Thus, I want to learn visual basic/macro for excel. Although, I already knew most of the functions of excel except this part. I believe I need this for my development. Any help on how can I get a training or module for this?

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    You may try taking a look here as a start.

    Alternatively, a good way to start is actually by using the recoding function available in Excel itself. Just start recording a macro, do a few stuff like inserting or deleting a column, row, some values here and there, etc., but REMEMBER what you did. Then, stop recording and go into the VBA Editor (by pressing Alt + F11) and you can look through the recorded code and try to relate it to what you have done earlier. You may notice there is actually a lot of (redundant) selections and scrolling taking place (if you did), and that's because the recording function really records every single action you do.

    One typical scenario is if you entered a value of 123 in cell A1, it would look like this (or very similarly) when recorded by Excel:
    Selection.FormulaR1C1 = 123
    when this actually does the same thing as inputting a value of 123 in cell A1:
    Range("A1").Value = 123
    or even:
    Range("A1") = 123

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    I retired 12 months ago, after spending most of my working life in Accounting/Finance. I worked with lots of IT guys, and developed an interest in programing, particularly BASIC, which helped me a lot in learning how to develop macros for forecasting in Lotus 123, and scripts based around object programing to schedule impromptu and Crystal Reporting. My point is that some understanding of programing does help as VBA and Visual Basic itself are variants of standard computer programing, with some built-in restrictions to protect parent systems such as Windows.
    I echo the advice from millz to record your own macros, and make some minor changes to see what happens when you get the idea of how they work.
    There are a lot of powerful operations in VBA that you won't find used by the Recorder, so I'd also suggest that you get hold of as many examples as you can, and study them. You'll probably notice that its quite common for a process to be recorded, and then (e.g.) a loop is added (manually) to perform the task a number of times automatically.

    One book that helped me in particular is Excel VBA Programming for Dummies by John Walkenbach. It includes basics as well as more advanced stuff.


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    Thanks a lot guys. Will surely try your advices.

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