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Thread: if statement to get year from 2 digits...

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    if statement to get year from 2 digits...

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    Hi All

    Hope you can help

    I have this :
    S T U
    31/12 =RIGHT(S2,2) =IF(RIGHT(S2,2)<13,"20"&RIGHT(S2,2),"19"&RIGHT(S2,2))
    31/12 =RIGHT(S3,2) =IF(T2<13,"20"&T2,"19"&T2)

    But it seems to evaluate to false giving me 1912 instead of 2012. If I just type 12 into the formula rather than extracting it it give me the right result of 2012.

    What am I missing ?

    Cheers all

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    =RIGHT(S2,2)*1 to get a number instead of a string

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    Good afternoon,

    This is probably not the most effective way to get what you're looking for but I think it will work in a pinch. It is returning a number of days and not a year.


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    You're welcome.

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    If your working in days, perhaps :
    =TEXT((("20"&RIGHT(S2,2)+0)-1900)*365.24219879+2,"DD/MMM/YYYY") for accuracy !

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    Thanks all What I did in the end was this :

    I think using the speech marks made it do a lexigraphical compare rather than a numeric, but either way it compares properly and gave me the right result.

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