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Thread: shapes with formulas

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    shapes with formulas

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    Hi All,

    I was just wondering, is there a way to link a shape e.g. an arrow that changes according to the data?

    Would an if statement be used to say if a number goes above or below the previous number, then the arrow would point down or up or would this be a vb code?

    Many thanks.
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    Good afternoon,

    I don't think the orientation of the arrow could be changed to "up" or "down" because, at least as far as I can tell/have knowledge of, VBA would interpret a rotation of x degrees rather than pointing up or down. You could accomplish something similar with conditional formatting: i.e. for cell e4 conditional formatting =if(d4>e4,1,0) and set formatting as a background of red then repeat for d4<e4 and d4=e4. Then the color of cell e4 would vary depending on the relation of it's value to the previous month. Just a thought.

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    Try above suggestion using icons set and arrows up or down.

    Could use vba and on cell changed rotate or swap visibility of two shapes. However as much as I love programming I generally prefer a non van solution first. Otherwise need to ensure users have macros enabled etc. Simpler with standard options.

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