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Thread: How to combine multiple 2D arrays

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    How to combine multiple 2D arrays

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    I have this code, two 6x1 arrays and I want to combine them to make 6x2:
    Sub CombineArray()
        a = Evaluate("INDEX(ABS(A1:A6),)+ INDEX(ABS(B1:B6),)")
        b = Evaluate("INDEX(ABS(C1:C6),)+ INDEX(ABS(D1:D6),)")
    End Sub
    Can I combined it without using loop?
    If its not possible, how do I combine it using loop.

    These are only part of my logic. What I want is to combine multiple arrays,
    say I have, 6x1,6x2,6x3 etc. and combined into one 2D array 6x6.

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    Sub M_snb()
        [A1:F6].Offset(, 9) = [if(column(A1:F6)<6,A1:F6 + offset($A1:$F6,0,1),A1:F6)]
    End Sub

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