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Thread: excel formulas, add up certain cells

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    excel formulas, add up certain cells

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    i am trying to work out a formula, but im having some difficulty, below is what i am trying to do.

    i need to be able to calculate how much i have billed a client for each month

    Sheet 1 - sales ledger

    Date Client Amount
    14/2 client 1 100
    15/2 client 2 50
    15/2 client 3 300
    16/2 client 1 200
    17/2 Client 3 500
    1/3 client 3 100
    5/3 client 1 400
    10/3 client 2 500

    and so

    sheet 2 - Monthly totals for each client

    Client Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr etc
    Client 1 total for that month amount


    can anyone help?

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    You can use a Pivot table for that. See attached.

    Drag the Client to Row Labels, drag the date to the Column Label area, and drag amount to summation area.

    then right click on one of the dates in the Pivot Table, select Group, then Months. Click Ok.
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