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Thread: Correlation ID Error when trying to login on two different accounts (FF 4 and IE 9)

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    Correlation ID Error when trying to login on two different accounts (FF 4 and IE 9)

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    Hi there...

    I am playing around with the Office Beta 365. I do not exactly remember the steps
    I have done, but something like this...

    • Login to my account at Ken's site with Firefox.
    • Looking to Excel, Excel is in English, but the start page in German.
    • Logging out from Ken's Site.
    • Login to my Office 365 Beta account and my Site, because I intended to see if Excel is also in English
    • Ok, Excel is in German.
    • Open the IE 9 and trying to login to Ken's Office 365 site, because I wanted to find out why Excel is in English there
    • This without logout from my Office 365 site (Firefox) for better comparing.

    I get an error in the IE 9 in German: "Bei der Bearbeitung Ihrer Anfrage ist ein Fehler aufgetreten",
    meaning (my translation) "An error occured while processing your request". And with supplemental
    support info: Correlation-ID=0 and Error Code = 0 (translated)

    If I re-enter the portal's address, I am logged in to my account on Ken's site. I do not know if this
    is an error or intentional, but just wanted to post it here. Perhaps someone can reproduce it.

    Regards :-)
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    Weird... I haven't even had time to look at Office 365 since I installed it. That's an odd one though... I think you should report it to MS if you can repro it though...
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    Hi Ken...

    Yes, I will try to reproduce it. And then I will also try to log my actions, so that it can
    be reproduced. If I (or perhaps someone else) can reproduce it, I will report it to MS.

    Best regards :-)

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