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    Need Formula

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    I need formula for the following requirement:
    1. In Column A, I have name of the Funds. I need the formula which can
    take only the first name of the fund and put it in Col B.
    Eg. If in Column A it is Templeton India Growth, then in col B it shd take only Templeton.
    Can this be done, if yes pls provide me the formula.


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    Hi SVK...

    you can use the Left() function and, assuming the first name is always the word
    before the first space, you have, IMHO the simplest method...

    A1 = Templeton India Growth
    B1 = LEFT(A1;FIND(" ";A1)-1)

    In case you would like to verify, if a space is really included in the text, then you
    can use a little bit more complexier formula...

    A1 = Templeton India Growth
    B1 = IF(ISERROR(FIND(" ";A1));A1;LEFT(A1;FIND(" ";A1)-1))

    Regards :-)

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