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Thread: Hide sheets based on user password

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    Hide sheets based on user password

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    I am developing a workbook to be used for recording employee hours worked during each pay period. There is one worksheet tab per employee, which will be completed by the employee's supervisor each pay period and then the entire spreadsheet will be sent to payroll. There are different supervisors for each program and each supervisor only needs access to the employees' worksheets who are in their program.

    What I envision is a single workbook that has all employee worksheets in it but when it is opened by each supervisor, they only see the employees in their programs and all other employee worksheets are hidden. This would require multiple passwords for the workbook and depending on which password is entered, only certain worksheet tabs are visible. All other tabs would be hidden. I only see a way to assign one password for locking or hiding tabs. I need to assign multiple passwords with different access rights.

    I don't want to create multiple workbooks, just one that can be updated and reissued whenever changes need to be made (i.e. new departments added, new employees, pay period end dates changed, etc.).

    Is there anyway to do this?

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    You seem to be getting advice against this in response to your post on another forum, but if you still want to go this route you should have a look at royUK 's post on this site.

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    Multi user workbooks can be problematic, but have a look at this
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    Hope that helps


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