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Thread: Combining and organizing 2 sheets with a common column

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    Combining and organizing 2 sheets with a common column

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    Here are the links for 2 sets of data. I could not attach them because they exceed the file limit.

    please click the download button. I believe you need to be logged into your Google Account to download. (please copy and paste)

    both data sets have one column in common--API.

    I want to create a new sheet that will have combined data of both sheets, but only pertaining to API's that are common in both sheets. Book2 has fewer API's than Book1 does. However, not all the API's in Book2 are in Book1. I only want the API's that are common in both.

    Can anyone help with this?


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    Hi texas979. You can do this with VBA and SQL. If you know a bit of VBA, then this link might be enough to get you started.

    Otherwise, post back and I'll take a look.

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