I'm struggling with this assignment I got at work.

If you have a look at the attachment, I have 2 tabs, "Input" where all the data is entered with a determined drop-down list from B5:O10; and a second - "global overview".

It's on the second tab that i have issues : From A6:A24, I have all the drop-down list possibilites (same as Input Tab) From B6:C24, I would like to have a count, condition per condition, and week per week, of what has been entered in the Input tab.
So far, If I just need to have an overview of the global picture of the input tab, I use a =COUNTIF (Input!"range";GlobalOverwiewA!"condition") which does the job.
And that's where it gets complicated : I want to the results to be changed dynamically if I filter the Input Tab (so, if I filter and select less rows, I want the count to be adapted on the global overview tab).

IRC - Timelines v1.0 - testing.xlsx

In other words : how do I create a formula with a CountIf where hidden rows are not taken into account ?

I'll give you an example :

I want that in "Overview"B6, a count of all the data in the "Input"B5:H10 range are counted, matching the criteria/condition left of the "Overview"B6 cell, which should have 4 as a result.
I would also like to be able to only count the visibile values, meaning that if I filter the Input range vie "Input"A4 and remove Mobis148 and Mobis167, the result in "Overview"B6 should be 2.

Thanks for your time and patience !