Hi Team,
Greetings. I have a very Simpe Requirement but unable to get the solution for the same.
I have a setup of 50 People and some data that gets updated for them every month.
What I want is that I should put the updated data in an excel sheet (Excel 2007) and Run a Macro, After that the specific
data (Columns) for specific people goes to that person Via Outlok 2007 Automatically, thus saving me 50 emails every months
For Example.
John Smith - Should receive an email like this.
Hello John,
Please find below your data for the month of JUly - 2013.
Data1 - 100
Data2 - 250
Data3 - 234
and samee goes with
Michael Bullock.
Data1 - 21
Data2 - 25
Data3 - 28
and so on...
Any Helpo on this Wil lreally be appreciated.
Thanks in Advance and Reagrds
Vikas Puri.