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Thread: logging in spreadsheet help

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    Exclamation logging in spreadsheet help

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    hi all please help,

    i have a logging in spread sheet form members of staff but what i want to know is:

    if cell b2 has 08:15 and cell c2 is blank because they forgot to log out how can i put a formula in c2 to put a default time of of 15 mins in so c2 shows 08:30

    can this be done.

    thanks in advance

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    If I'm understanding your request correctly, you're asking for something like (If C2=blank, C2=B2+0:15). I don't believe this is possible because of circular logic; C2 would reference itself. The formula you'd want is =IF(C2="",B2+"0:15"), but it would need to be in another column, say an error checking column.

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