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Thread: Urgent!! Advanced formula filling

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    Exclamation Urgent!! Advanced formula filling

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    I need to get this done for work and i can't seem to find how to do it.

    In sheet 1:

    c8: =IF(AND(C$3>='Sheet 2'!$N5;C$3<='Sheet 2'!$O5;'Sheet 2'!$N7=$C$1);1;0)
    c9: =IF(AND(C$3>='Sheet 2'!$N10;C$3<='Sheet 2'!$O10;'Sheet 2'!$N12=$C$1);1;0)
    c10: =IF(AND(C$3>='Sheet 2'!$N15;C$3<='Sheet 2'!$O15;'Sheet 2'!$N17=$C$1);1;0)

    I want to be able to drag down this formula to c200 following this pattern creating

    c11: =IF(AND(C$3>='Sheet 2'!$N20;C$3<='Sheet 2'!$O20;'Sheet 2'!$N22=$C$1);1;0)
    c12: =IF(AND(C$3>='Sheet 2'!$N20;C$3<='Sheet 2'!$O20;'Sheet 2'!$N27=$C$1);1;0)

    Is it possible to drag down a pattern like this?

    Please help!

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