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Thread: How To: Link sub-sheets to main worksheet

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    How To: Link sub-sheets to main worksheet

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    I use Excell:2011 for a Mac and want to copy and link data from one worksheet (master production schedule for the year) to "sub-worksheets" (individual projects by month). I've used Advanced Filter, and while it will copy data, it doesn't link the information back to the master worksheet so that I can make changes on the master and have them reflected on the "sub-worksheets."

    Can you help point me in the right direction?

    Before all you experts get excited about dynamic tables, macro's and such, I'm not all that familiar with Excel (hence, my need for assistance!). Please keep your explanations simple. I'm not too proud to admit I don't know very much about Excel.


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    Hi Rwnzl,
    This can be easily achieved by using a formula in the "sub worksheet". In that particular cell you want to have the "main worksheet"'s data, type in " = " and go to the main worksheet's cell.


    Copy main worksheet's cell and go to sub worksheet's cell, and using the menus, Edit -> Paste Special (or something similar to this command, I don't know how it is shown in Mac), and click on Paste Link

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    Thanks, Miliz! Your insight was very helpful and allowed me to copy the information from the master spreadsheet. Only downside is the formatting isn't carried over (changes dates to numbers, cell formatting is missing, etc.) but it works, so I'm not complaining!

    I hope you have a great and blessed day!

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