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Thread: Need help with my calculation on 95th and 50th percentiles

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    Need help with my calculation on 95th and 50th percentiles

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    Hello i am new to excel, i need help with my calculation, im not too familiar with the syntax and the percentile function. My calculation calculates every percentile in 'Group', but i dont want it to, i need it to calculate every percentile in each subgroup (ID) in each 'Group'. Can someone please point me in the right direction ?Copy of Copy of EXAMPLE1 (2).xlsx

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    Unhappy Question ?

    I have an issue with the table1 and table2 name managers, i cannot access the Refers to =sheet!1!$L$4:$O$12 ,It seems as if they are suppressed/locked. Also how did you get excel to find the address of GROUP ? i see the @Group. But in the excel spreadsheet im working on it doesnt let me format it the way you have it.

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    For learning purposes, don't try to modify your spreadsheet, but enter your data into my spreadsheet.
    All my data is in the form of "Tables" with "Structured References".
    I'm not using obsolete $A$1 or R1C1 references.
    For "Tables" tutorial see:
    Also read up on "PivotTables"
    The learning curve should be several months/years.

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