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Thread: Index Match GetPivotData formula

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    Index Match GetPivotData formula

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    I've been searching on line an can not find a formulas that work. Any help would be appreciated.

    All in one workbook:
    A: Date B:Period C: Week D: Fiscal Year
    Pivot Table
    Period, Fiscal Year, Count of Date (number of days per period)

    A: Fiscal Year B: Period C: Budget$ D: Days per period E: Daily Budget(Per. Budget/Days per Period)

    A Date B: Unit C: Daily Sales D; Daily Budget (other columns use index match to pull per & Week)

    Formula needed for tblBudget Column D Days per period. Index the Count of Date in pivot table, match Fiscal year and Period.

    Formula needed for tblSales Col. D Daily budget. Index tblBudget Daily Budget, match Fiscal Year & Period.

    I can write an Index Match for one criteria, but am having no luck with 2 criteria. I have tried several versions and just get error messages.
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