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Thread: Retain personal views on shared workbook

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    Retain personal views on shared workbook

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    Hi and thanks in advance,

    I'm using Excel 2003

    I have a workbook which I share, if not already shared, in the Workbook Open event.

    Can't seem to get it so that each user has their own view based on what they last saved. For instance, would like it to open on the sheet the user last accessed and where the panes were frozen, with columns hidden as per last session ... etc.

    However, the workbook always reverts to the view that was saved by the very last user just before closing.

    With ActiveWorkbook
       If .MultiUserEditing = False Then
            Application.DisplayAlerts = False
            .KeepChangeHistory = False
            .SaveAs FileName:= .FullName, AccessMode:=xlShared
            Application.DisplayAlerts = True
        End If
    End With

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    Conjurer royUK's Avatar
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    I don't think you can have a shared workbook do that.
    Hope that helps


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    Hi royUk,

    I'm pretty sure that I did some work with a shared workbook sometime in the distant past where my view got saved each time. But, perhaps you are right and I'm losing the plot.

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    That is how shared workbooks are supposed to work, as far as I know (well, in so far as Shared Workbooks work at all), but the fact that you need to share the workbook in its open event would suggest that you're losing the views when it is not saved as shared.
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    Thanks JoePublic and royUK,

    Looks like I was labouring under a misconception then.

    I only share in Workbook Open if for some reason the workbook becomes unshared which probably wouldn't happen very often.


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