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Thread: Convert Excel Participant List into Word Labels Template

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    Convert Excel Participant List into Word Labels Template

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    Hello everyone,

    First time posting, hope I'm doing this in the right thread and the right way. I'm part of a research group and we ran into a speed bump when we realized how long it took to write each address separately into the labels template in order to print them out onto labels (google image: Avery labels 5262).

    Attached to this thread is an example Excel file of part of our participant list. The Word template we use in order to print out the labels once the addresses have been written into the cases is the Avery 5262 template. I was unable to upload a Word file already using that template since the size exceeds the limit. My question is: how does one get Excel or Word to insert each participant's address into one case of the template file. I really hope I explained our problem clearly. We would be most grateful if someone more knowledgeable than us can point out a way to save us a ton of time!

    Thanks in advance!
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    Can't you use Word's Mail merge feature?
    Hope that helps


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