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Thread: Importing data from other .xls files

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    Importing data from other .xls files

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    Hey there,

    I have 0 experience in Excel "programming". I know how to use it for basic things. I got the following task, hope someone will be able to help me.

    Each day a machine generates a file with certain data such as:

    "User | Money spent | Currency | Date and Time" (it's a bit more complex but this will do it).

    My job is to create an excel file that will pick up data for whole month and present it in one file. Basically I'll tell the machine to name the files 01, 02, 03 (day of the months) and then at the end of the month user has to get one file that includes data for all the days.

    On users local machine there will be folder January (for example), and inside 01.xls, 02.xls, 03.xls ... 31.xls
    Then a file has to be generated (user can do certain things manually, like open a certain excel file and click few thing) that contains data from all of these files.

    Eventually a better solution would be if the "monthly" file could be updated every day, as soon as the new file (02.xls for example) appears in the folder.

    How to achieve this?

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    There's several ways to do this. First, can you upload a sample file using the "Go Advanced" button below, so I can get a feel for how your data is laid out?

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    Sorry, forgot to add I solved this.

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