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Thread: vlookup picks wrong values from another sheet

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    vlookup picks wrong values from another sheet

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    Dear All,

    I have two sheets. I have used vlookup to find out the correct match but it's updating with wrong values.

    Comparing vaues from sheet tagist1 to dba_tagitest, gives wrong values.
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    Looks like the data range is wrong to me


    Should be

    Hope that helps


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    i tried that also but it's not updating correct values.

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    Ideally, for the VLOOKUP you would want column C to be your primary sort and the Range_lookup to be FALSE so that you get an exact match. Something like this:


    However, if that type of sorting is not available, and INDEX and MATCH formula should do the trick. Try this:

    =INDEX('[dba_tagitest@]Sheet1'!$D:$D, MATCH(C1,'[dba_tagitest@]Sheet1'!$C:$C,0))

    Let me know how it goes.

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