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Thread: Overtime Formula Gives Negative Answers

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    Overtime Formula Gives Negative Answers

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    Thanks to you all, I have a timesheet with various formulas that work such as "=SUM(B27+D27+F27+H27+J27)*24" to total my hours for the week. This was a time-saving venture as opposed to writing it out by hand as before. However, one formula doesn't work as well "=SUM(37.5-D28)" to tally my overtime hours over the paid 37.5 hours a week. I thought that entering "37.5" (my regular weekly total) then subtract "-" the sum total of (my actual weekly total) "D28" would give me the answer I wanted. Except that it gives me negative answers for example "-1.75" when I want a positive value like "1.75" instead. Please help. How do I fix this? I have attached the Excel 2003 file so you can see what I am talking about in case my explanation wasn't clear nor understood.
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    = if(D28<37.5,"",D28-37.5)
    BTW in the expression =SUM(B27+D27+F27+H27+J27)*24 the SUM function is unnecessary
    is OK

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