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Thread: Transpose data from text file to Excel

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    Transpose data from text file to Excel

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    Hi all, new to forum so be gentle with me!

    I have a device that logs temperature on several channels and outputs the data to a text file. I import the text file to Excel and the format of the data can be seen in this attachment - Final Sort.xlsx
    I then have to manually transpose the data so that it looks like this - Raw Data Import.xlsx.

    I am looking for a way to automate this through Excel.

    A couple of points to note:

    1) The time stamp can be rounded to the nearest minute.
    2) The information in the top 14 lines is not critical, but would be nice to have.
    3) The data from the text file can vary in size from an hour to several days.

    I would be grateful for any help with this please. I have a small bit of experience with running macros, but not VBA or Pivot Tables.


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    So sorry, wrong attachment!
    Here are the correct ones.

    Raw Data Import.xlsxFinal Sort.xlsxRaw Data Import.xlsxFinal Sort.xlsx

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