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Thread: Drop down menu choice decides other cell values

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    Question Drop down menu choice decides other cell values

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    i'm trying to get a neighbouring cell (b2) populated by the next value in a drop down lists selected in cell A1. For example the user selects orange from a drop down menu in cell A1, B2 is automatically populated by the next value in the list - blue.

    Not sure if this possible but your help would be appreciated


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    I think the simplest way would be to use a ComboBox from the Forms controls.

    Add a ComboBox from the Developer Tab in the newer versions of Excel, or versions prior to Excel 2007 you will need the Forms ToolBar. You must use the Forms version.

    Right Click on the ComboBox & choose Format.

    Input Range refers to the List
    LinkedCell can be any unused cell

    To get the selected item in a cell


    To get the next in the list

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    Hope that helps


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