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Thread: Cumulative Totals Sheet Referencing Eight Other Sheets

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    Cumulative Totals Sheet Referencing Eight Other Sheets

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    I'm trying to chart out productivity on an individual basis for a department at my company. I have 8 sheets currently set up for the sub-departments and their returning employees. In each of these sheets, I also have room to expand and add new employees down the road. My main issue now is that my supervisor wants a sheet where he can enter a week start date (available on all other sheets) and an employee's initials (some available on singular sheets; some on multiple sheets) and have excel return values for number of jobs, number of images, or other numerical aspects of work. I'm having a problem in thatI'm not sure how to tell excel to search for a specific set of initials (C1:V1) corresponding to a date (A:A) which are both manually entered into a separate sheet and returning appropriate values. For example:

    This would be my data sheet:
    RA BKO
    8/5/13 Images 20000 17500
    8/5/13 Hours 40 40
    8/5/13 Images/Hour 500 437.5
    8/12/13 Images 25000 21000
    8/12/13 Hours 45 40
    8/12/13 Images/Hour 555.6 525

    And this would be my results sheet:
    Who RA
    Date 8/12/13
    Images/Hour 555.6

    I believe VLOOKUP could work, the problem is that I'm not sure how to return the Images/Hour instead of Images (since Images is the first numerical result for 8/12). I also don't know how to have it account for situations such as RA working in multiple departments and having results on another sheet and factoring the two together.

    Any help on this problem would be greatly appreciated. I can also provide additional information to an extent in order to better clarify my problem.

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    Your "data sheet" seems to be a weekly summary (with calculations) of some daily base data.
    It would be easier to work with the base data. Upload.
    Expect the "results" to be in the form of a PivotTable.

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