Hi guys was wondering if someone could advise me. as im a little puzzled on the correct way to do this.

Basically Sheet 1 is a Yearly planner, with every day of every month on there. Each day has 4 blocks, 2up and 2 down, they represent AM and PM for 2 people.
So only 2 people can have that day off work as holiday. Obviously if they were only taking half a day only 1 of their 2 boxes would be filled.

All the other sheets represent the staff on the rota, currently at 5 staff. And on that sheet is the date of the holiday requested and shift hours etc. Basically what i would like to do is if i fill a date in on their holiday requested page i want that date to AUTO fill on the yearly Planner. Each staff member has a different colour on the planner as to quick view peoples holiday so the forumla will have to detect the right colour to use..

I can provide a test book if someone wants to see what im trying to do

Can anyone point me in the right direction and help me solve this.

Thanks guys