Okay so here is my problem. I have a sheet(SHEET 1) that is filled out with amounts, depending on who owes what for a certain bill. In the notes section, Column E, I want it to fill text if there is an amount>0 in Columns C-D using information pulled from the database on a separate sheet(SHEET 2). I know how to pull the text if only one of the columns (B-D) is greater than zero, but I do not know how to have it fill multiple text values into one cell. For example, in row two, I would like the notes field to autofill as "Joe Schmoe, Garey Busey, Company"

Property ID(A) Homeowner Amount(B) Tenant Amount(C) Company Amount(D) Notes(E)
street1234 $ 10.00 $ 15.00 $ 12.00
lane12 $ 9.00 $ 13.00 $ 36.00
avenue3 $ 9.99 $ - $ -
parkway68 $ 7.20 $ - $ 40.00

Property ID(A) Tenant Name(B) Home Owner Name(C)
street1234 Joe Schmoe Gary Busey
lane12 John Smith John Doe
avenue3 Jane Do Mr. Anderson
parkway68 Jeff Smith Joey Homeowner