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Thread: Help for fledgling ebay start-up hugely appreciated

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    Help for fledgling ebay start-up hugely appreciated

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    I apologise if these questions are offensively nooby, I know nothing of excel but here goes. I need to assign a cell to sum the values that I might highlight in my price column; so I may be highlighting H3,H7,H14,H23,H31 for example. In a cell below this I need to subtract from the above sum, the number of highlighted cells x listing fee (which for me is 0.26) So for the given example it would be 5x0.26. So in a cell at the top of the sheet it may have added the figures found in the H cells, say, 5,10,5,4,7 to show 31, and then a cell below shows 29.7 [31-(5x0.26)] I also have to take off percentages for other fees but I think I can work that out once I know these answers. Once again, help hugely appreciated. NB. I'd like to make this post neater but my mfing return key just will not work.

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    Yorke, welcome to the forum.

    First off, I assume you're using Internet Explorer 10 to write. It has a habit of screwing with the mfing return key. If you set this forum to show in Compatibility mode for IE8 or IE9 it will work nicely. (I only know this because it's happening to me too. I need to apply an upgrade to the forum to fix it.)

    With regards to your question, are you attempting to add up the cells that you've coloured then? It might be helpful to see a sample workbook (if you click Go Advanced you can upload one for us to look at) that shows what you are hoping to have happen.
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