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Thread: 70 hr 8 days

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    70 hr 8 days

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    First let me explain I'm a truck driver and I work on a 70 hr 8 day cycle. We get back what falls off at midnight each day on the 9th day. I can get it to figure the 8 day cycle no problem. Its when I do a restart and get a "0" in there. I need it to start adding from the "0" for the 8 days. I've tried adding restart in there to have it do it but im not good enough for that kind of formula. Can I do that if so what would the formula be?

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    Hi Pressy. Can you upload a sample file? Click the Go Advanced button, and you'll see an option there.

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    here is the file the problem comes in on the hour sheet tab. I put a temp fix in it to make it do what I wanted it to do for the time being. but I want it right. you can see here the formulas are by looking into the cells. they are scattered, but they worked until I found this mistake. I hope you can help me thx
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