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Thread: Drop-down list in Excel Workbook

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    Red face Drop-down list in Excel Workbook

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    I have a drop-down list in Excel Workbook where the list range is from A1:A100 including 100 department names.

    To find a department name start with S, I will have to open the list and scroll down until I reach all Dpets names that start with S and then try to find the required name.

    There is a way where you select the first option (the top of the list) and press S and it will take you directly to the first Dept name started with S.
    Also, you can keep entering S and it will scroll down through all names start with S.
    I appreciate your help. Thank you.

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    No you can't do it with ordinary DV.
    You would need to use a Combo box.
    Full instructions can be found here

    Roger Govier
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