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Thread: Dropdown list based on previous dropdown selection

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    Dropdown list based on previous dropdown selection

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    I am working on something and came across a situation which I am not able to get it done. I would prefer to do it by using excel formulas rather than VBA. I wish to get this accomplish using excel if possible. Can any expert guide me with this.

    To make it simple this is what I want:
    Say for example I have a first drop down which shows "List of States.". Based on what state you choose, I need the next column to give me a drop down of "Cities in that State"

    So for example
    If some body chooses Texas as State, The next column dropdown will show " Houston, Austin, San Antonio".
    If you choose California as state, then the next column drop down will show " San Diego, Los Angelos, San Fransisco"

    Can any one pls guide me. Again I wish to use excel formulas and NOT VBA.


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    Here's one approach I've been working on that works without code, but also has some code in it to clear 'downstream' choices if upstream choices change. You can turn the code on or off, or even delete it entirely's just there for informative purposes.

    And you'll find more approaches at the following links:

    Note that my code still needs a bit of tweaking and error handling, which I should have done fairly soon if you in fact ultimately decide you want it.
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