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Thread: Excel 07 Image Display Issue

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    Excel 07 Image Display Issue

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    I need help figuring out an issue with Excel 2007. An application I've built uses a macro to display an image based on a previous set of selections from drop down menus. For some reason the images are not being displayed on screen when the macro runs. I know the macro is functional as the visibility of the image changes to visible in the Selection Pane, but still no display. At this point, I save and close the application, with selections already made. When I reopen the saved application, the images appear just fine. I then change the selection of the 3rd Drop Down Menu and the image changes per the macro. If, however, I change the selection on either of the first two drop down menus, which subsequently hide all images and the third drop down menu and then modify the selections, I get the original problem. The images won't appear again.

    Code is spot on. Excel says the image is visible, it is just not displaying on the screen. It wouldn't be as big a deal if I didn't need to see the image in question, but that is what the entire application is based on.

    Is there a possibility that the number of images that are embedded into the sheet is causing the problem? This application is fairly image intensive and if so I'll need to find another way to display the required images instead of just a visible = true/false statement.

    Any help is much much appreciated. Thanks.

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    Will be easiest to troubleshoot if you can upload a sample spreadsheet.

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    Here is the file in question.Descent Game E-mail

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