I am creating steps to manipulate a cvs file every month that would need to be
1. cleaned
2. split into different worksheets
3. formatted
4. sent to pdf
5. emails imported to spreadsheets
6. emailed out via lotus.

I have most of the steps down. The attached word document contains the macros that i am using and the macros that i need help with. I have highlighted the areas where i am stuck in the process. I have also attached a example spreadsheet that followed the process described up until I get stuck.

Ken Puls (www.excelguru.ca) helped me with the last macro that i just need tweaked for this purpose.

I hope this all is as clear as mud! please let me know if there is any other piece of information that I can provide and or if there is anyone willing to take on this challenge.

Much appreciated.

sarahjune late list UPLOAD.xlsmMonthly Late Charges procedure.docxcreate pdf save and email to lotus macro.txtsplitcell macro.txt