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Thread: Exporting Data and splitting it up!

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    Exporting Data and splitting it up!

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    hi guys,
    I have two sheet Program Plan and Staffing Plan-N.
    I want to export certain data from Program Plan to the Staffing Plan.
    The Range which i want to export is E53:AJ57 (Program Plan sheet) to I5:AN10 in the Staffing Plan Sheet.
    But the condition is .
    If the cell value in the range is E53:AJ57 is more than 1 then it has to split into 1's so that no cell value in the range I5:AN10 is more than 1.
    And the corresponding role in the column E has to be split up to.
    The sheet is attached.I have shown in the below cells the expected result.
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    devpp: It would be nice if you would first reply to the solution I posted at your last post at!

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