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Thread: Difference in Value in the Program Plan sheet and Actuals Sheet!

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    Difference in Value in the Program Plan sheet and Actuals Sheet!

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    Hi Guys,
    I am confused in doing this and this is little complicated for me also.
    I have already done a Program Plan sheet.In this sheet we enter the plan the project in sprints (each weeks is called as a sprint-June 3rd is the first sprint week followed by June 10 and so on.)

    In each sprints there are different phases of the project (say Phase "Dev" under June 3rd) For Phase "Dev" the resources are


    Its for Dev phase.

    Suppose there is another phase for the same sprint.Then the resource value changes...i.e it increases.

    Now there is another sheet called the Staffing Plan.
    In Staffing Plan the actuals are entered.In the former sheet the forecasted values are entered.

    In staffing plan the actual emp id and employee name are entered and their role is given.(say : emp name "a" and Role is Dev).

    My requirement is

    When the staffing plan role exceeds the role in the program plan then there should be given a warning to the user and the extra value should be added as a buffer value.(i.e. column F in staffing plan sheet)
    the buffer values have to added seperately and actuals should be entered seperately in the Staffin Plan sheet.
    So that i can find the difference from the Program Plan sheet and Staffing Sheet.

    My aim is to find the difference between the actual values and the predicted values.
    Program Plan sheet-Predicted values.
    Staffing Plan sheet-Actual values.

    This verification has to done and carried out for each sprints.

    Can anyone help me on this.
    Thanks a lot for reading this...please help on this too.

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    Your question is a bit hard to interpet, but I think I've done what you want

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