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Thread: Create a template for importing changing Quickbooks reports

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    Create a template for importing changing Quickbooks reports

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    I need to create a template in Excel 2010 that I can use when exporting Quickbooks reports to Excel.
    The data exported changes monthly & the number of cells populated by the data are increased & decreased accordingly, thus the formulas tied to those cells are ineffective.
    Is there a way to setup a template that self adjusts the formulas to include new cells & adjust to less cells as the report changes. Currently I'm importing the report from Quickbooks to a new worksheet, opening a saved old worksheet with the formulas & editing the formula to adjust to the correct cell letter/number. It sure would be great if I cound just export the data to a template that would automatically apply the formulas to the appropiate cells.

    Thanks for some help

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    I can't see you getting much help. You give no information on the layout of the data or what formulas you are using.

    A sample workbook would help
    Hope that helps


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