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Thread: Copy row to another work sheet based on text entered into column E, restore event

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    Question Copy row to another work sheet based on text entered into column E, restore event

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    Ok lets see if I can make this as easy to understand as possible. I'm working on an inspection workbook. This book is composed of many sheets each with its own name. I have been working with a few people to figure out ways to flag and copy "BLANKornovalue" cells but can not get the keyword idea to work.
    Here is a short example of a sheet.

    Name = Initiating devices
    row Column (a) (b) (c) (d) (e)
    address type description part number results(drop down box with several choices)
    1 012341 photo hallway 4098-2541 FAIL
    2 020341 heat mech rm 4892pl DAMAGED
    3 034123 pull exit door bgl-12x PASS

    The only column I'm looking at at the moment is "E" "Results" Results can have many different choices from a drop down box, (FAIL, DAMAGED, LOW VOLTS, LOW AMPS, ets) I'm adding to it as i get feedback before the final copy. When an inspector clicks on the dropdown box and selects the words listed above that row would then be copied to the first available space on "FAILED" sheet. First available space would be A6 (due to a title graphic)
    Then if the repairs are made the inspector or service tech would be able to change column "E" on the "FAILED" sheets page to another dropdown box. It would have choices like (PASS, REPLACED, REPAIRED, etc) When that was selected the same device and column in the "INITIATING DEVICES" would be updated and the item would be removed from the "FAILED" sheet all items would shift up leaving no spaces. This should happen after the device has been selected if possible.
    I'm hoping that once i get a working example I will be able to adapt the code to work with several sheets, so that different values would place the items on different sheets. But that is yet to come. Example Column 6 (RESULTS) keyword = FAIL, or Fail or fail or Damaged, or low volts, or low amps, would copy all rows with this value to "FAIL" sheet
    keyword = message change copy the row to a sheet called "Message changes" etc

    Name of sheet ="FAILED" This is the destination sheet, but changing things on here would copy the result to the "INITIATING DEVICES" sheet and remove it from this sheet if it was passed

    row column (a) (b) (c) (d) (e)
    address type description part number results (dropdown box and can choose items ex. "PASS, REPAIRED, REPLACED etc.)
    1 012341 photo hallway 4098-2541 FAIL (changing this box to a value as the example above would remove it and update column "E" on Initiating devices page
    2 020341 heat mech rm 4892pl DAMAGED
    If at all possible I would like this to run automatically to make things easier on the inspectors.

    Hopefully someone can help me out with this, Thanks in advance
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    It would be easier for the members if you can attach a copy of your file. With a before and after example.

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